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April 3, 2009 by Admin  
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A few years ago the real estate game was easy. It was definitely a seller’s market and all of us thought that we were pretty smart.

A couple of things have happened since then. The first, and the one that we all know about is that the real estate market crashed, foreclosures went out of control, and the financial industry is lying in a fetal positon waiting for the government to bail it out.

Many investors have lost a lot of money during this process, if not lost everything. But the truth be told, many investors were buying when the signs were there to get out of the market. But during a seller’s market, it is easy to out think yourself and to either buy at the wrong time at the wrong price, hang on to long, or both.

The second thing that has happened is technology. Specifically the internet and how reliant we have become, as a society, to our computers. There is both good and bad to that phenomenon. The bad is that if you are in the real estate business and if you are relying on old information and old marketing techniques, then your business is most likely suffering dramatically if not gone completely. The positive is that if you learn about the latest technologies that you can still have a very successful real estate investing business.

This is where the change must come and it first starts with you. You must start by realizing that your real estate business is just that…it is a business. And you need to rework your business model to make sure that you are operating with current trends that are in fact actually working today. And you better make sure that you leave room in your plan for change in the future as more technologies are learned.

You also need to make sure that you are buying the right properties in the right areas that fit your goals. Real estate investing is a great vehicle to improve your financial situation and there are many methods in which you can go, and a lot of that depends on your experience, your goals, your interests, your capital, and your connections.

The other realization that you must have is that the time to buy is right now! Let me repeat that last sentence. The time to buy is right now! This does not mean that you go out and buy any property in any area, but it does mean that we are likely at or near the bottom of a very bad cycle. If you look at history, you know that right behind a major down cycle is an upward cycle. This is where wealth is made. You don’t want to buy at the top of the curve. You want to buy at the bottom and you want to ride the wave up.

This blog is going to be filled with information that you can use to build your business model, concepts, and strategies. I will make it a point to provide you with the latest techniques that investors are using around the country, today, to make an extremely good living with real estate.

But you must start at the basics, and that is by realizing that you must changes in your business model, you must get your mindset right, and you must take action.

I wish you nothing but the best in your real estate investing. I look forward to providing you a great resource with this site. Stick with it, as it is new and content will be added all of the time.

Rick Zeitun

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